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Indie game Rustler, The Medieval GTA, date of release revealed

Published: 21:51, 24 May 2021
Jutsu Games
How far would you be able to progress in the olden days?
How far would you be able to progress in the olden days?

Have you ever wondered what crime looked like in the olden days? When there were no policemen to chase criminals, no detectives to solve murders, and no cars to have a high-speed chase in? Rustler answers all those questions and more.

From the dazzling lights of Vice City, Grand Theft Auto's Miami replica, through the land Of San Andreas and Liberty City, all the way to Los Santos, all of which are also replicas of various American cities and states, players have, virtually, caused problems, committed crimes and engaged in general mischief.

In that vein, developing company Jutsu Games bring us to a different time period and thurst us in the shoes of Guy, a serf in what can only be described as medieval Europe.

After a simple job, one given to you by your boss Herb, you find yourself in the possession of a tournament invite. Deciding to forge a certificate proving your noble identity and thus ensuring your participation in The Grand Tournament, your story sets off.

Jutsu Games Classical example of a top-down based game Rustler early access screenshot

As a homage to the first GTA games, Rustler is a top-down, open-world game with all the options one can expect in this established genre, and some other, original ones. There are horses and carriages to steal, guards to evade, enemies to duel, and opponents to joust.

The game is set to be released on August 31, for PC and consoles alike, as announced in the latest trailer.

Though the game originated as a Kickstarter campaign, as most indie games do, this one stands out. The developers are engaging with the fanbase in early access and are, for now, delivering on their promises.

The reviews for the game are mostly positive, with the game being exactly what it's advertised as. One with its own distinct sense of humor, a Grand Theft Auto-like game set in a fictional country in medieval Europe.

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