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How much is PlayStation 5 going to cost?

Published: 12:27, 10 October 2019
Updated: 06:44, 11 October 2019
artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Render

Sony recently revealed that their upcoming next-generation console PlayStation 5 is officially releasing during Holiday season in 2020 but how much money you would need to fork out to get the new console once it finally drops?

Sony usually keeps the price under the wraps until the last moment and you can bet it won't be any different with their upcoming next-generation console PlayStation 5. However, some details have been officially revealed recently, such as the hardware specs and other features that can help us figure out the approximate price of the new console.

There are also some earlier reports and comments from gaming hardware analysts that kinda give us a clearer picture at how much money you would need to fork out for the new console.


One of the biggest talking points for the next-gen consoles is the ultra-fast SSD. These are not as expensive as they used to be due to the popularity of NVME drives but they are not quite cheap either. For example, 1TB SSD will cost you from $90 to $220, depending on speed, brand and the type.

It's also possible that Sony release several versions of PlayStation 5 to cut the price, but buying a potential 500 GB version of PS5 wouldn't be a smart investment since games are growing bigger and bigger in size.

Marvel picture showing spideman in new york Apparently, Spidey can load up under one second on PS5

CPU, GPU and Ray Tracing

Sony's Mark Cerny revealed that PlayStation 5 will be powered by AMD's latest hardware. The CPU will be based on third-gen, eight-core Ryzen processor while the GPU is based on the new Radeon Navi line. The graphics card will bring ray tracing support and this comes at a price, as we've already seen with Nvidia's RTX cards. 

According to the well-known hardware leaker Komachi Ensaka, PS5's CPU will be double the power of the Xbox One X and the GPU is similar to Nvidia's RTX 2080. AMD's cheapest eight-core CPU from the third-gen Ryzen costs $329 but of course, PS5 will feature a bit different chip, optimised for the console with lower clocks ( 2.0 GHz ) and power consumption so the price of the chip will be much lower.

As for the GPU, we doubt it will be as expensive as AMD's latest GPUs and Nvidia's 2080. However, Cerny also confirmed that PS5's ray tracing will be hardware accelerated which could raise the price of the new console but on the other hand, with dedicated ray-tracing hardware, the fear of any software-level imitations is put to bed.

Crytek screenshot showing a dark alley on a rainy night Ray tracing on AMD Vega 64

So, how much then?

All in all, when we take all these hardware parts in consideration and add RAM, chassis, Dualshock 5 and other development costs, we would say that PlayStation 5 base model will be priced around $500 to $550.

Earlier this year, a well known Japanese Analyst Hideki Yasuda from Ace Research Institute predicted that the PlayStation 5 base model will launch at $499. This price would be below the launch price of PlayStation 3 ($599), which is one of the most expensive consoles of all time.

This would be more expensive than PlayStation 4, which launched at $399. It seems as though Sony will aim to place PlayStation 5 somewhere between these two consoles.

Of course, until we get an official confirmation, all of this is merely speculation.  

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