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Horizon Zero Dawn: new video

Published: 15:14, 22 February 2017
Updated: 18:08, 22 February 2017
Guerrilla Games
Horizon Zero Dawn's been getting rave reviews, and we can see why

PlayStation just released a video with Horizon Zero Dawn developers talking about their ambitions regarding the game

With six days left on the countdown clock before we're chasing across the post apocalyptic landscape, a video containing developers commentary was posted on the PlayStation YouTube channel. There was talk about the engine updates, their desire for innovation and "creating benchmarks" for PlayStation in an open world game.

The game's director, Mathijs De Jonge, said that they've updated the engine and made it so "there is never a loading screen" when Aloy moves from one into the other. The developers also felt that the face animation in modern games isn't up to par so they decided to improve on the matter by mo-capping "almost 15 hours of dialogue". The PlayStation exclusive launches on 28 February and it's available for pre-order now over at the .

YouTube Horizon Zero Dawn YouTube Horizon Zero Dawn

YouTube Horizon Zero Dawn YouTube Horizon Zero Dawn

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