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Hi-Rez unveil latest new champion for Paladins - Furia

Published: 09:46, 01 June 2018
Updated: 17:48, 01 June 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
Splash art for Furia the upcoming champion in Paladins
Paladins - Rise of Furia

Limited time game modes seem to be at the geight of their popularity since everyone and their cats are now releasing them. Such is the case with Hi-Rez who announced the Abyss mode along with the upcoming champion Furia in a sizable update.

Paladins' lore dictates that there is a "dark hunger" in the village of Seris that also demands "satisfaction". It appears Hi-Rez have made sure remains top notch, even in the lore and that Blizzard and Riot Games have no reason to call them out for blatantly copying the work from  and .

Anyway, the hunger in question is called the Abyss and villagers of Seris sacrificed people in order to appease it. This time around they picked Furia-to-be's sister, threw her into the Abyss and the village . The other girl went sightseeing in the meantime, stumbled upon the Eternal Pyre and it turned her into Furia who now stands vigil and is hell-bent to protect the world from the Abyss.

Furia's primary weapon is the Pyre Blade which deals 330 damage every 0,5 seconds with the rate of fire increasing up to 30 per cent as she builds up Wrath. Oddly enough, you don't build Wrath by attacking or killing enemies, but by healing allies instead. This is Hippocratic Oath gone wrong if I ever saw it. Anyway, she heals her allies with the alternate fire, aka the right click, where she provides a burst of healing immediately and then a heal over time.

The first ability, mapped to Q by default, is Pyre Strike which summons a beam of light that travels in a straight vertical line that stuns and damages any enemies it passes through. Her "mobility ability" is WIngs of Wrath which propels her backwards and shoots three fiery orbs that seek out the nearest enemy champion and each deal 200 damage.

Inflame is Furia's ultimate ability makes her untargetable for two seconds and then provides a buff of 30 per cent damage and movement speed increase to her and any allies nearby. This ability makes Furia look like the perfect support for any flankers looking to bum rush the enemy.

Hi-Rez Studios Hi-Rez Studios are demonstrating their lack of creativity with the latest Androxus skin Paladins - Fallen Androxus

Furia may be the central feature of this update, but there are other significant additions such as the new skins for Tyra, Maeve, Drogoz and Androxus as well as the new time limited mode. More information about all of these can be found on .


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