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CryEngine 5.6 revealed, here's how new Crysis could look like

Published: 15:10, 02 September 2019
Cryengine screenshot showing crysis remastered
Crysis tease

Crytek have released a new trailer in which they showcased the power of their new CryEngine 5.6. Along with the standard tools you can use with the engine, the trailer also drops a small hint at how a new Crysis game could look like.

Back in 2007, German publisher Crytek released Crysis, a game that changed first-person shooters forever. Its breathtaking graphics, huge island and gameplay features combined into one enjoyable title that many consider one of the best shooters of all time. 

The game was also incredibly demanding and melted everything in its path, including the fastest available GPUs and CPUs on the market. Even today, some of the best available hardware is not enough to show Crysis in its full glory as revealed in .

Unfortunately, after Crysis 2 and 3, the developer Crytek never officially confirmed that another Crysis game could see the light of the day but in the latest video, which showcases their powerful CryEngine 5.6, the devs also tested one short scene from Crysis, re-created with the tools from the new engine.

It's safe to say that it looks absolutely stunning and that Crysis fans would without a doubt love to see at least remake of the original if Crytek don't have the resources for a full-fledged AAA sequel. You can see just how eager the players are by simply looking at a comment section on Crytek's video on YouTube. 

Of course, this short tease doesn't mean that Crytek are working on a new Crysis game or that we'll get anything Crysis-related in the near future. It's simply a nice way to show the power of CryEngine and possibly a small tribute to the beloved game.

EA Picture of a nano suit dude with a compound bow Crysis 3

As for the rest of the trailer, it features Crytek's latest game - Hunt: Showdown - and some nice realtime volumetric fog, fully dynamic lightning, vegetation touch bending, mesh and terrain blending and more. CryEngine 5.6 certainly looks like a nice tool and it's also free so if game development is your thing, you can download it from .

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