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Hand of Fate 2 gets an Endless Mode for PC

Published: 19:40, 10 April 2018
Defiant Development
Hand of Fate 2 logo and dealer
Hand of Fate 2

The living boardgame RPG has received a free update in the form of a new game mode called Endless Mode. It will allow players to rank up and compete with each other in leaderboards as the levels get harder and harder the further they get.

Defiant Development have created a new endless game mode which pits players against each other in a leaderboards fashion. Difficulty ramps up the further a player reaches, until their inevitable failure. Stronger monsters in the dealer's deck and a pain or curse card randomly dealt upon stage completion. The Endless Mode is now available on PC, with an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release sometime in May.

Hand of Fate 2 also got more adventures, enemies as well as narrative branches to encounters the players will have throughout the game. Defiant Development are keeping tabs on what the playerbase wants and what they believe should be added into the game.

Defiant Development Hand of Fate 2 card game gameplay Hand of Fate 2 - The Dealer's card gameplay

Endless Mode is going to be supported with all later updates and versions of the game, as the development team do not want to separate gameplay and leave previous features in the dust like many developers do nowadays. 

The game is a mixture of a boardgame and a classic action RPG in which players will mostly be dealing with cards during their playtime with the mysterious Dealer, after which the encounters the players will have to deal with will be resolved in third person hack and slash fashion.

Defiant Development Hand of Fate 2 gameplay Hand of Fate 2 - Gameplay of an encounter dealt with in third person

The game is a visible improvement over the first instalment, which is logical since the team had a bigger budget while developing it. It's rare to see a developer supporting their games like this in 2018, as most of them would offer paid DLC and some form of microtransactions in order to get more cash flow.

Hand of Fate 2 released on 07 November 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4, with the Xbox One release tailing it right behind. The first instalment faced many issues during development but was successfully released and eventually backed in a Kickstarter fund for a physical boardgame version.

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