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Halo Infinite leak reveals battle royale mechanics

Published: 09:36, 16 December 2021
Halo Infinite has safe zone and revival mechanics
Halo Infinite has safe zone and revival mechanics

343 Industries confirmed players will have all the tools to create a battle royale mode when Halo Infinite Forge launches. 

Halo Infinite currently does not have a battle royale mode and 343 Industries said a couple of times that at the moment, they do not plan to introduce such mode to the game. The reason is the Forge, which is coming sometime next year.

In case you are not familiar with the Forge, it basically allows players to build their own maps, game modes and scenarios using complex creator tools. 

With Forge, players can even create their own battle royale playlist if they so desire. 343 Industries already confirmed this previously and stated that Forge is the reason why they won't be making a proper battle royale mode for the game. 

And it does seem like 343 Industries introduced all the necessary tools to create a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite's Forge. The latest leak reveals a safe zone like mechanic which can be found in every other battle royale game as well as a revive mechanic which allows players to revive their fallen teammates.

The game mode that features these mechanics is reportedly called Attrition. It's an Elimination type game mode with revives and a safe zone area, Apparently, it is listed within the game files and can be accessed via custom games whilst offline. 

Check out the safe zone and revival mechanics in Halo Infinite in the video below:

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