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GTA V meme Lamar roasts Franklin recreated by the actors

Published: 02:38, 13 January 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA V - Lamar & Franklin
GTA V - Lamar & Franklin

GTA V actors made a meme come alive when they reenacted the scene where Lamar roasts Franklin about his haircut and private life.

Lamar and Franklin memes have been extremely active on the internet due to the first character giving the latter a burn that will require Los Santos' entire water supply to cool down. 

The classic scene sees the duo returning from a job and Lamar asks Franklin whether he can come inside the house to hang out, at which point the protagonist rebuffs him. This causes Lamar to go on a bizarre burn marathon, resulting in Franklin barely uttering a confused "What?!" before the big L goes on his way.

Now, the actors of Franklin and Lamar decided to recreate the scene in real life and it is probably what the internet needed the most these days. The duo and their crew faithfully recreated all the scenes as they were seen in the game, from walking animations and the scenery, over the camera work to speaking the text in a similar manner.

Slight differences in the speaking tone can be heard but then again, these guys did it on the street as opposed to Rockstar's audio recording studio.

Keep in mind that the video is not safe for work due to an extensive string of profanities in Lamar's vocabulary but it's sure to give you a good laugh on your own time. It's not every day you see a yee yee ass haircut after all.

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