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GTA Online: You can win an Itali GTO easily this week

Published: 09:49, 02 April 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Itali GTO
GTA Online - Itali GTO

GTA Online is offering a great Prize Ride this week and completing the objective is actually pretty easy, even if it might look a bit scary at first.

Rockstar Games nerfed the weekly discounts and bonuses slightly before the release of GTA+ subscription, which seems to be gradually sucking the good stuff in. However, it appears that a certain prize ride escaped this scheme.

Itali GTO is one of the best vehicles you can get in the Sports class and its four-wheel-drive makes it even more desirable. While Pariah can achieve a higher top speed, GTO is much better around corners, which gives it an edge in races, on top of the delicious acceleration.

You can grab one for yourself without having to pay almost $2 million until April 7, 2022, as it's the featured Prize Ride in the LS Car Meet. As per usual, you will need to have the Car Meet membership, which is just $50,000, in order to take on the challenge.

The objective of the challenge is to place in the top three in a total of five Street or Pursuit races. This sounds like a huge challenge for those who are not racing enthusiasts but you can circumvent it by hosting the races instead.

At that point, you can invite up to two people to your Street Race, guaranteeing you all get the progress. Furthermore, you can set the race to just one lap, which will make it extremely short, allowing you all to complete the challenge within 15 to 20 minutes.

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PC players have one more option - opening Resource Monitor and suspending GTA V for five to 10 seconds will leave you alone in the race but the progress will still count if you finish it. This works great if you can find another player to go through five races with as it allows easy progress even in fully-packed races.

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