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GTA Online was going to have a contract to protect Simeon's assets

Published: 12:19, 10 January 2022
GTA Online
GTA V - Simeon
GTA V - Simeon

GTA Universe's beacon of morality was going to be a client of Franklin & Partner but the content was cut out of the final release.

GTA Online has had many callbacks with The Contract update, warming the hearts of longtime fans who got their dose of nostalgia. Franklin, one of the three GTA V protagonists, became the player's partner as they opened up an agency that deals with the problems of celebrities and he brought an avalanche of nostalgic mementos with him.

From Chop the weed-eating dog, over the poster and Employee of the Month plaque, Franklin was a veritable treasure trove of memories. It's that last memento that was supposed to be more than just a visual reminder of the character's humble beginnings.

Namely, digging through GTAO files, the fans have found dialogue for two Security Contracts that didn't make it into the final version that was released with the update. One of them was sending players to protect assets at LSIA and doesn't have any deeper connection to the universe, at least on surface.

The other contract would have the players helping Simeon Yetarian, the unscrupulous car dealer that doesn't shy away from stealing from random citizens, guilt-tripping or manipulating anyone he comes into contact with in order to earn a few extra bucks. As such, it was no wonder to find out someone wanted to trash his dealership and Franklin would then dispatch the player to protect the cars.

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GTA Online - Calico GTF

'Ey, all good? Nice, because this pain in the ass called Simeon? Man, he needs our help at his dealership over in Pillbox Hill. He ain't exactly our kinda client, but... whatever man, money's money to me. Look, protect the cars in his showroom and I'll make sure it's f*cking worth it.

According to the mission briefing, it appears Franklin's opinion of Simeon is slightly lower than an average broomstick rider's skill ceiling, which doesn't really surprise anyone.

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