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GTA Online: Snow starts the Winter festivities

Published: 10:03, 23 December 2021

Put your guns away, get off your oppressors and enjoy a snowball fight on the streets of Los Santos and its surroundings.

For the last couple of years, GTA has been changing the weather conditions in GTA Online just before Christmas to suit the holidays, and this year they continued in that fashion.

The entirety of the GTA Online world has been covered in snow with today's update which brings a melancholic feel to the game and the new visuals come as a refreshment after playing the game all year in basically the same setting.

Pay extra attention on slippery roads Pay extra attention on slippery roads

Of course, snow on the streets is not merely a visual addition, as driving on snow becomes significantly harder as in real life, so all the people running Import / Export or any driving missions for that matter will have to pay extra attention.

Today's update also marks the start of the Winter festivities which will include new items such as clothing (Santa costumes), weapons (Fireworks Launcher), vehicles, and other miscellaneous stuff like adding Christmas trees to all apartments.

Get your holiday groove on Get your holiday groove on

Holiday gifts will be given each day the players log in to play. Many items will be exclusive to the event, meaning the only way to obtain them is to play while Winter activities are ongoing.

The first rewards are Santa's New Sled and Festive Stripes for Comet S2 Cabrio and Baller ST.

Winter activities and the snow usually last up until the end of the first week of the new year. 

If you're not a snow enthusiast you can always fly to the tropical island of Cayo Perico until the snow melts.

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