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GTA Online is hinting Rosalia as the next VIP contract

Published: 13:05, 24 December 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA Online
GTA Online

Rockstar Games are working on additional celebrity collabs it seems and chances are the next one we're getting is with Rosalia.

GTA Online  players had a chance to help Franklin out, and make a nice bit of cash at the same time, by collecting music that was stolen from Dr Dre as a part of setting up their agency for success. The wording in the latest weekly update suggested this is only the first of the VIP contracts Franklin will have us do, meaning more are coming, probably as drip-fed content.

This immediately sparked debate and theorycrafting among the fans and the most plausible theory so far is that the next VIP client will be Rosalia. She has collaborated with Rockstar pretty heavily for The Contract update, with the singer hosting Motomami Los Santos radio station, which also features several of her tracks and is named after the album she's releasing in 2022 .

On top of that, Franklin may have given us some foreshadowing while we were working on the Agency content as he specifically said he would like to work with Rosalia, once again hinting she's the big name that's coming after Dr Dre.

Furthermore, the collaboration with Dre was pretty long before he became the Agency client - the rapper first appeared in a cutscene for the Cayo Perico introduction.

Some of his music was added to West Coast Classics when The Contract launched and the whole process mirrors that of collaboration with Rosalia. She didn't appear in person yet but she is obviously a character, hosting GTAO's newest radio station.

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