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Diamond Casino heist coming to GTA Online

Published: 23:51, 05 December 2019
Updated: 23:55, 05 December 2019
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Diamond Casino heist
GTA Online - Diamond Casino heist

Grant Theft Auto Online is getting an odd heist, since players will be hitting Diamond Casino, the place they worked on protecting thus far. There is info on who the main players are and only hints on how far their reach might go but one thing is clear - there is a week before the new lucrative adventure.

Diamond Casino heist is coming to GTA Online on 12 December 2019. Players will be able to channel their inner Danny Ocean apparently as they will need to switch to ever-changing parameters during the heist.

According to , the reason why the silent psychotic goons will attack the casino lies with the former owners. The Cheng family didn't take the plot twist well and have not forgotten the Duggans' meddling that saw the Chinese crime family booted out of their own property's ownership. It totally had nothing to do with Tao Cheng being a Cokie Monster.

Agatha Baker may be involved in the heist, in some capacity at least, since Rockstar stated there were some previously unseen blueprints found on her desk. It remains to be seen whether her business sense or loyalty to Chengs will prevail, as she was shown to not really be a fan of Tao himself. Meanwhile, the players will start receiving odd messages from Cheng Family Holdings, which is most likely the way they will get involved. 

Rockstar stated Diamond Heist is the crown jewel in their lineup of heists since it will be constantly changing, be it during a run at the casino or between heists, which should in theory offer more replayability than any other before. The Bogdan Problem would beg to differ.

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Anyway, given the state of heists and matchmaking in GTA Online, it's hard to imagine players will be able to just start a session and find enough teammates without waiting for hours on end. Thankfully, the server helps immensely in these matters so make sure you get familiar before taking on what is supposedly the most lucrative heist yet.

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