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GTA Online discounts and bonuses, 2 April 2020

Published: 19:04, 02 April 2020
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Triple rewards in Arena Wars
GTA Online - Triple rewards in Arena Wars

Rockstar Games are offering triple bonuses in some activities this week along with plethora of discounts. However, some of the chosen activities may not be to the players' liking.

GTA Online bonuses this week are:

  • 3X Rewards in Arena Wars
  • 3X Rewards in Time Trial (Sawmill) and RC Time Trial (La Fuente Blanca)
  • 2X Rewards for Premium Deluxe Repo Work from Simeon

Pegassi Tempesta supercar is the one that will be featured on the Casino podium this week so if your region is not prevented from using it, make sure you give it a shot. Just like everything else from this list, the podium car will shift on 8 April 2020.

Real estate and upgrades on sale this week:

  • Arena Workshop 50% off

Vehicles on sale:

  • Invade & Persuade RC Tank 40% off
  • Ocelot Stromberg 60% off
  • RC Bandito 40% off
  • Grotti X80 Proto 50% off

Twitch Prime subscribers who link their Twitch and Rockstar accounts will receive the additional discounts on 75% off on all styles of ZR 380 and MTL Cerberus.

GTA Online by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
GTA Online - Valentine's Day 2018

GTA Online community doesn't exactly favour Arena Wars so they were not happy to hear about the featured discounts and bonuses. However, this might as well be a good time to get one of the fastest vehicles in the game, the ZR 380 so it's not necessarily a complete waste of time.

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