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Graven is getting co-op in the next update

Published: 22:43, 16 August 2021
1C Entertainment

Graven is still building the content as the game is in Early Access and the next update looks juicy with several additions, including co-op multiplayer.

3D Realms and 1C Entertainment announced an update for Graven, the adventure FPS that is currently still in Early Access on Steam, which will add multiplayer and a new level. There is no exact release date for the update but it was noted on August 14, 2021, that it's going to release "in the coming weeks".

The multiplayer component will be a four-player co-op that will alter the way you go on about killing all those monsters and solving puzzles but it remains to be seen if the game will manage to properly balance itself for both solo play and co-op.

As for the new level, it's about going into the Cruxfirth Archives where the players will dig around the history in order to attempt to figure out what caused the plague. Naturally, this will not be your regular trip to the library as the game will keep chucking untold dangers at you.

According to the announcement, Graven will continue in the same fashion in the future, building on the elements of classic shooters, immersive sims and action RPGs, meaning that if you like the game now, it will get better. Otherwise, well, tough luck.


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