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Gran Turismo 7 no longer targeting first half of 2021; coming only to PS5

Published: 08:27, 08 December 2020
Gran Turismo 7 screenshot showing a cockpit view
Gran Turismo 7

Sony have updated PlayStation 5 launch ad from November to remove the target release window for their upcoming racing sim Gran Turismo 7. It seems the game is no longer coming in the first half of 2021 and will be PS5-only title.

A couple of months ago, Sony revealed Gran Turismo 7, the next instalment in their popular sim racing series and it's safe to say that many fans got excited thanks to a spectacular trailer, which showcased massive visual improvements over the last title.

At that time, the trailer suggested that Gran Turismo 7 is targeting the first half of 2021 for its release window which certainly sounded a bit optimistic. Sadly, it seems that the game has been delayed internally since the target release window is no longer the first half of 2021, according to an updated PS5 ad from November.

The ad previously read: "Gran Turismo 7 anticipated first half of 2021" but now, it's been updated to this message: "Gran Turismo 7: In Development for PlayStation."

On top of this, the trailer now confirms that Gran Turismo 7 is exclusive to PlayStation 5, which means there won't be a PS4 version of the game, despite Sony's earlier statement about supporting the PS4 platform for years to come.

The good thing is, Gran Turismo 7 is still targeting 2021, even though it may not arrive as early as we anticipated. As long as it does not get delayed into 2022, it's all good we would say.

For more details on Gran Turismo 7, check out the official reveal trailer and  the game's PS store page.

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