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Gothic Remake announced by THQ Nordic and part of it is available right now

Published: 18:55, 13 December 2019
THQ Nordic
Gothic Remake screenshot showing a city
Gothic Remake

THQ Nordic have officially announced a remake of the iconic RPG - Gothic. The playable teaser of the game is available right now if you own any Piranha Bytes game on Steam.

Gothic fans rejoice! THQ Nordic have just announced a remake of the iconic RPG from 2001 - Gothic. Yes, you have read that correctly, the fantasy-themed title from the developer Piranha Bytes is in development and THQ Nordic want you to decide if the game is worth remaking or not.

That's why they released a fully playable teaser on Steam! Yes, you can play the remake right now if you own any Piranha Bytes game on Steam. That's the only condition and if you meet it, you'll notice the yet-untitled Gothic Remake project in your library. Isn't this one of the coolest ways to announce a game? Hats off, THQ Nordic.

The publisher teased the game with a screenshot which you can see above just under an hour ago at the time of writing and many fans got all excited about it but you can bet that none of them expected to get the opportunity to play the game or at least a part of it so soon.

Here is the full announcement from THQ Nordic on Twitter: "The original Gothic returns remade... as a playable teaser. If you own any Piranha Bytes game on Steam, the yet-untitled Gothic Remake project should be in your library by now. To find out what the Gothic fanbase thinks, we wanted to start an experiment with our new dev team THQ Nordic Barcelona. After playing the prototype, you decide if we should proceed with a full remake or leave all the great memories untouched."

THQ Nordic also released a comparison video that features the gameplay from both 2001's Gothic and the remake. It's safe to say that the difference is staggering. See for yourself in the video below.

At the moment, the release date is unknown as the players have to decide if they want the remake or not. 

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