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Google Stadia will let you keep games if publishers pull them

Published: 10:18, 29 June 2019
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Much has been said lately in regards to game ownership, unsurprisingly so considering the rise of live service games and the age of digital, but Google insist that they will let you keep your games even if publishers happen to pull them.

Stadia boss Phil Harrison said that there's no reason to worry and that you'll still retain access to the game in such scenarios. Basically, game ownership on Stadia will behave much like it does on Steam or other digital distribution platforms.

"Now there may be, as we've seen in the past, times where the developer or publisher no longer has rights to sell to new players", Harrison told IGN, "And that means that the game will not be available to new players, but it will continue to be available to existing players."

When it comes to games, however, Stadia won't be a cheaper affair than the competing consoles, and that's after you've paid the subscription fee.

Eurogamer enquired about whether games will be cheaper, to which Harrison said, "I don't know why it would be cheaper".

He went on saying, "The publisher or the developer is in as much control of the prices as we are, so it's a bit difficult for me to say what the prices will be right now", adding that Google will be very aware of "prevailing prices in the marketplace."

All things said though, we're still talking about a console-less console here and where Stadia shines is that you need a subscription and a screen, whether it's TV, PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

"Not every developer and publisher is ready to move to subscription yet. Frankly, not every gamer is ready to move to subscription yet. So we wanted to give gamers a choice so they could engage in the games they wanted in the way they wanted - and in all cases, without the very high upfront cost of buying a sophisticated device to put under their TV or on their desk", Harrison said.

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You can find his statements to IGN , and Eurogamer's piece .


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