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Ubisoft and id Software joining Google's GDC 2019 presentation

Published: 10:40, 15 March 2019
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Google have announced that Ubisoft and Doom creators id Software will join them on their keynote presentation at GDC 2019 where they plan to reveal their next big gaming-related project. Google's keynote is scheduled for 19 March 2019.

Google's GDC 2019 keynote is one of the most anticipated presentations from the conference. One of the world's biggest tech giants earlier confirmed that they are planning to reveal "the future of gaming" which is rumoured to be a new gaming console or something related to Google's Project Stream streaming service.

To help them with their reveal, Google have announced a couple of guests that will be joining them on stage during their keynote.

Google's official Developers Twitter account confirmed that the creators of Doom - id Software, along with the publisher Ubisoft will attend the highly-anticipated event. According to the announcement, Google are "stoked and excited" to welcome the two big companies to their presentation. 

Ubisoft and id Software will be joined by three more special guests - former Creative Director of Visceral's cancelled Star Wars game Amy Henning, Raph Koster, who worked as Game Designer on MMORPGs Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies and Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics.

Google previously worked with Ubisoft to bring Assassin's Creed Odyssey to their Project Stream platform and it's possible that announced guests might reveal some projects related to Google's rumoured console.

In 2018, rumours suggested that Google are in ongoing talks with major gaming developers to port games to their console for initial testing. Google also hired Sony gaming veterans, Richard Marks and Phil Harrison to work on yet unannounced project.

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Google recently announced that Jade Raymond, who worked at Ubisoft and EA has joined the company as vice president but it's still unclear what project she will lead.

All in all, whatever Google are planning to reveal, it won't be long before we get our eyes on it. Google's GDC 2019 keynote presentation is scheduled for 19 March 2019 at 3:00 PM PT / 11:00 PM CET.

The event will be fully live streamed on .

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