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God of War's final secret has finally been cracked

Published: 17:40, 24 July 2018
Kratos in his norse boat with his son, on some river.
God of War

It appears that the last undiscovered secret from God of War, which was re-hinted at by game director Cory Barlog recently, has finally been cracked, although be warned - it's probably not as spectacular as you'd expect. Spoilers ahead.

No seriously, if you've still to finish God of War, it is probably wise to turn back now, since the secret is not that spectacular but it basically spoils the ending. Which is exactly how Barlog presented it when he said there was one more.

Anyway, it turns out that the final secret are the runes inside Kratos's house, which when translated spell Loki. Loki is as you know is just another name for Dad of War's son, Atreus, who will later become Jim Carrey and the Mask. Just checking whether you're paying attention.

This fits the bill of what Barlog was referring to at this year's Comic Con, when he said that it's in Kratos's house. It's something like foreshadowing, even if it is a bit difficult to decode and it probably wouldn't have spoiled the ending. You know - it only makes sense after you've finished it.

Naturally, many players are not impressed, seeing as how they expected the final God of War mystery to come with more bells and whistles or at least some fanfare. It's not hard to imagine why they feel let down by the suspense, which was most likely unjustified at this point.

Namely, the biggest God of War mysteries seem to have been untangled and what few are left are mostly in the runes department. No, not this one, as Barlog and Co apparently used Elder Futhark, the oldest runic form. However, they went for a very basic and accessible form that lends itself well to translation.

AltChar The final undiscovered easter egg from God of War 2018 God of War

Even though it's never really final until Cory confirms it, it's quite likely that the final God of War secret has been cracked. Concept artist Joe Kennedy seems to have , with a tweet hashtagging FayeKnew, which obviously hints at Loki.

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