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God of War review round-up, how does Kratos stack up to the earlier GoW instalments?

Published: 11:58, 12 April 2018
Kratos in his norse boat with his son, on some river.
God of War

Non-disclosure agreements have been lifted and a tidal wave of God of War reviews has hit the shores of internetz. So what does the gaming press say? What does your neighbour think? Does the world approve of Kratos' new direction?

Pretty much all reviewers agree that God of War's take on the father-son relationship is just majestic, with the story line expertly weaving in the strained relationship between Kratos and Atreus.

In fact, says calls the story behind the relationship "humble and beautiful", rather than simply a take on father and son who are cracking some skulls. Reviewers seem to agree however that the slower pacing may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Sony Kratos holds his sond Atreus in a dark background. God of War - A story of fathers and sons.

Combat system has drawn plenty of plaudits as well. called it "an incredible spectacle of combat and action" while found it to be the "most satisfying combat system".

have drawn comparisons to Dark Souls "because it is Dark Souls-ish" and they claim this "extends to the combat" as well. But then again, what doesn't Polygon compare to Dark Souls?

seems to agree with in that the combat systems starts off a bit slow, only to pick up a frantic God of War style tempo later on.

Sony God of War game protagonist with scarce armor holding an axe God of War

thinks that the new God of War represents everything PlayStation 4 consoles have to offer and this seems to be the general sentiment echoed by most reviewers. They added that Kratos has perfected current gameplay conventions and introduced its own.

The world of God of War, graphics, viewing distance, immersion - all of these have received rave reviews, claiming the game sucks you in just like it always has - brutally. 

Unfortunately, it seems like the ending is somewhat anti-climactic, although we won't be spoiling it for you. That's not to say that it's bad, but apparently - the rest of God of War simply makes the end fight feel like it's not particularly special.

Sony A man with a shield facing away from the camera God of War

All in all, Kratos' new lease of life in the latest God of War instalment seems to have taken off quite well. The new version of the game presents perhaps the most mature storyline as of yet and God of War is definitely growing at the same pace as its fans.

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