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God of War release date and story details

Published: 10:10, 19 June 2017
God of War

Sony officially announced that a new God of War game will be coming in early 2018. The game will follow an older version of Kratos, accompanied by his young son as they travel across a snowy landscape inspired by Norse mythology.

In my Most anticipated games of 2017 from a couple of months ago, I apparently got very optimistic and put God of War down for a 2017 release. It was a different time back then. At this year's E3 Sony officially announced that a new God of War game will be coming in early 2018.

They also announced that the game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. PS4 players will follow Kratos and his boy on a new adventure. Previous reports said the new story will have its roots in Norse mythology.

God of War God of War - What does it say? God of War - What does it say?

Kratos traded in his goatee for a more rugged look befitting an older man who will soon be passing the torch to his son, Atreus. Atreus will join Kratos on his adventure in order to learn the tricks of the trade, but also help his father by acting as an interpreter of the ancient languages spoken by the monsters they encounter.

"Kratos and his son work together. The kid is not a burden. Kratos doesn’t speak the language. His son, the whole game, is translating everything".

The glorious beard Kratos is sporting in the new game is accompanied by a new attitude as well. Gone is the angry man full of rage. Grumpy's spot has been taken over by a man working together with his son, trying to make him into a warrior, presumably before their time together comes to an end. 

Sony Kratos holds his sond Atreus in a dark background. God of War - A story of fathers and sons.

The trailer shows that the kid will also be a playable character, helping his dad defeat the foes they hunt down or stumble upon. His abilities will only increase with time.

Some reports mention other allies the pair will encounter along their way. One report talks about a dwarf named Sindri. It's ok, I had to Google him too. Sindri the dwarf is credited as the maker of a little known hammer called Mjollnir. Also, Sindri is the name of a hall that will serve as a dwelling place for the souls of the virtuous after Ragnarök. No, not the Thor movie. So there you go.

God of War will be out exclusively for PlayStation 4 in early 2018. There will be no multiplayer option in the new game.

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