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God of War gets new insight video about Kratos' son Atreus

Published: 15:51, 01 April 2018
God of War game protagonist with scarce armor holding an axe
God of War

The release date for God of War is approaching and we seem to be getting more and more videos about the development processes the team went through while making the game. This time around, Atreus, Kratos' son is in question as his helper.

As we previously noted, the team behind God of War is releasing more and more behind the scenes looks at how the game was made. This time around they reveal the development processes and problems they had to overcome in order to create the perfect companion for Kratos.

In the new God of War, Kratos is accompanied by his son Atreus. We will see him journeying from boyhood to manhood throughout the game with his father's help. At first distrustful and closed off from his son, they will both learn to trust each other with their lives as they trek through the freezing world of God of War.

Sony Kratos holds his sond Atreus in a dark background. God of War - A story of fathers and sons.

Atreus' development was troublesome, as the team remarks remaking him several times over. Even after they thought they got his design right and they were happy with him and how he looked, feedback from testers was not satisfied until the current look.

God of War will have you playing as Kratos throughout the game for sure, the team have added functions like commanding Atreus to shoot your enemies with arrows or stop them in their tracks by means of throwing himself on them only to have the enemies land on Kratos' fists on the other end. 

SIE Kratos and his son Atreus in a cave God of War - Atreus can hold his own with enemies, but works best in tandem with Kratos

Atreus' usefulness to Kratos is twofold, as the pair journey through the Norse world and battle mythological beasts, demons and perhaps even gods. He acts as an emotional anchor to Kratos and in certain times, Kratos finds meaning in protecting and teaching his son. 

Apart from the story side of Atreus, he also acts as a weapon to help Kratos in his fights. Using his bow and arrows to stun, slow and even kill enemies, he will provide the necessary boost to range that Kratos does not possess.

God of War is coming out on 20 April 2018, so be sure that we will inform you more about the game as the date approaches.

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