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God of War director cries after seeing review scores

Published: 08:30, 19 April 2018
Picture of a baby crying in front of God of War poster
God of War's Cory Barlog says he cried after seeing the reviews

As the review embargo was lifting from God of War, the game's director Cory Barlog sat in his hotel room, so as to sift through reviews for himself. There was no reason for concern though and it turns out Cory even shed a few tears.

Game development is a fickle business, where people take years and pour their hearts and souls into making something, which can be easily undone by fans and reviewers alike. God of War, however, is not that game.

In fact, 9/10 seems to be the lowest score the new God of War received, with most of the reviews straight up giving it a 10. We kid you not - at least 90 per cent of reviews we've come across have showered the new Kratos with compliments and rated the game with their highest score.

Santa Monica Studio Kratos killing a skeleton God of War - Kratos SMASH

Barlog then hopped onto his team's live stream from Santa Monica and seeing them all celebrating made the truth sink in - people are loving the new God of War.

After shedding a few tears he said he "could not talk for six minutes". Once he finished though, he went to a restaurant and ordered a champagne, for that sweet taste of God of War victory.

Santa Monica Studio Kratos and Atreus fighting a troll God of War - The reboot seems to be a success for Sony

Barlog's twitter page is simply swamped with reviews and words of praise, not a bit of it unfounded it seems. Kratos' return brought about a revamped combat system that's still the same but different, just like the game around it.

In fact, Barlog spoke at length about how God of War evolved with the Santa Monica team, reflecting their age in the process. Mature devs thankfully translated into a mature game and Cory has every reason to be happy, especially seeing as how all those hours of development were right on the money, both literally and figuratively. 

Sony Screenshot of the new mobile AR game God of War Mimir's Vision God of War

The reviews are not all that poured in, as Sony rolled out , the latest AR mobile game that provides a unique insight into Kratos' new home. In case you've missed it, it's a free game and you might as well kill some time until we all have a go at the new-old friend.

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