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God of War and Twisted Metal creator is making a horror game

Published: 10:53, 06 May 2019
david jaffe and twisted metal character
David Jaffe

David Jaffe, the creator of God of War and Twisted Metal is making another game and this time, it's a singleplayer horror that should bring something new in terms of in-game storytelling. The project is still in the early phase, though.

David Jaffe was once considered as one of the top video game designers and directors. Back in the day, Jaffe's vision brought us some of the most iconic games in the history in gaming - Twisted Metal and God of War franchises.

Jaffe's most recent work, a third person online shooter named Drawn to Death which launched in 2017, wasn't received well as some of his earlier gems, but that won't stop him from creating more and exploring new genres.

On his official Twitter, God of War creator announced that he is currently designing and writing a single player, horror game that is trying to bring something new in terms of the in-game storytelling. Apparently, the project already looks good and David is "in love with it".

He also said that he showed no one what he's working on and therefore the funding and interest in the project is non-existent. However, when he decides to reveal it to the world, it's possible that the game becomes the next big thing or that "everyone hates it and no one want's to make it". It's unclear at this stage of development what the game may or may not become.

This makes the designing and writing a stressful and scary process according to Jaffe, but he considers himself a pro and will keep pushing with the development. "There will be times when this stage is terrifying, but it's also a lot of fun," he said. 

All in all, it's far too early to say whether Jaffe's new horror game has the potential to reach the heights some of his previous works, but to be fair, it's always good to see video game development veterans coming back and trying something new. Hopefully, David's magic is still present and we get a proper horror gem.

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