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God of War Collector's Edition map holds a hidden secret inside

Published: 11:07, 28 April 2018
Updated: 12:37, 28 April 2018
Kratos looking at the camera like it owes him a lot of money
God of War - Kratos

We've got to applaud the sneakiness of Cory Barlog and his Santa Monica crew whose map from the Stone Mason's Edition of God of War turned out to have been a map to the secret treasure all along. Thankfully, Reddit to the rescue once again.

Of course, many would argue it better contain a secret, what with the Stone Mason's Edition going for incredibly hefty $149, which is about £108 after conversion. On the other hand, this is the version of God of War for hard core fans so you might as well disregard the jab.

It turns out that when decoded, the runes on Kratos' map tell a story of "two brilliant Huldra blacksmits" called Brok and Sindri. According to the God of War lore, the two ran around on a map-making errand for the giantess Faye, only to be involved in a treasure mix up.

The map claims the long lost treasure is located right between Brok and Sindri's final destinations on their respective journeys accross the God of War-landia, prompting Reddit users to call for help in solving the puzzle. Apparently, it has taken the joint forces of the internetz around four hours to crack this one.

Turns out the secret is in, or more precisely ON the Muspelheim tower. If you walk Kratos into the circle on top of the tower and execute the commands coded around the map and voila - you're a proud owner of the Forbidden Grip of the Ages for your pet Kratos.

As you can see from the , the Grip increases all of Kratos' stats and "adds a concussive wave to the end of the R1 combo". Nevertheless, we kinda liked the hunt more than the actual award and we must admit that it was a pretty nice touch to the new God of War by Cory and the gang.

God of War has started its career incredibly well and it's quite refreshing to still see a hidden surprise laying in wait. Naturally, it's too easy to withstand the fury of Reddit hordes but nevertheless, it's a welcome addition.

Sony Cloth map from the new God of War's Stone Mason's Edition GoW Stone Mason's Edition

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