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New Fortnite update brings back glider redeploy mechanic

Published: 19:55, 15 January 2019
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Fortnite Glider

The latest update for Fortnite is now live and it brings back the glider redeploy mechanic, which allows the players to jump from heights and redeploy their parachutes. Along with that, scoped revolvers have been introduced as well.

Epic have shared full patch notes for Fortnite 7.20 update, which is a first numbered update in 2019. The biggest addition to the game is certainly the return of the controversial glider redeploy mechanic, which split Fortnite's community and was the cause for many discussions. Many argued that the previous version wasn't well-suited to the game, which made Epic remove the feature and work on changes that would make it more balanced.

Those changes will now allow the players to redeploy their gliders for a limited number of times. gliders will be rare items that can be looted throughout the map and have ten charges. Once depleted, players will have to loot for more gliders and the developer also explained that using rifts and launch pads won't consume charges.

Epic are also adding a new weapon, the scoped revolver, which will be available in epic and legendary variants. Additionally, players will get to test their skills in a new limited time mode dubbed One Shot where snipers will be the only available weapon and bandages the only healing item. In One Shot, player health is set at 50 and gravity is lower than normal which will allow the players to jump much higher than usual.

The update also includes a bunch of weapon tweaks, gameplay improvements and bug fixes. One of the additions is the minigun overheating mechanic, which will occur after six seconds of continuous fire. Minigun's wind-up time is now reduced by 37 per cent and Epic also added new audio for the weapon.

Epic picture showing a revolver Scoped Revolver

There are some rarity level changes as well. Balloons and the stink bomb are being downgraded from epic to rare while scoped AR is decreased from rare/epic to uncommon/rare. Various grappler issues have also been addressed, including the bug where your ability to fire would be delayed after discarding a grappler.

For a closer look at other fixes and adjustments, you can read the full patch notes at Epic's .

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