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Ubisoft announce another Ghost Recon: Wildlands free weekend

Published: 15:12, 19 September 2018
Picture of operators engaging in a firefight in Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft have announced that they will host a free weekend on Ghost Recon: Wildlands, starting on 20 September 2018. As per usual, sales going up to 60 per cent will accompany the free weekend event, and preloads are already available.

Starting times will differ per time zone, and also depend on which platform players might want to try the game out. While starting times for PC, Xbox One and PS4 will be the same essentially, the times will differ for PC players who want to play it via Steam.

Therefore, US players will get to try Ghost Recon: Wildlands at 03:00 AM EDT on uPlay PC, PS4 and Xbox One, while Steam players will get free access at 13:00 EDT on the same day. European players will be able to start the free weekend at 07:00 UTC, while Steam users will be able to do so at 17:00 UTC.

Times will also differ for Asian gamers, with Steam lagging behind other platforms so Chinese players will get access on 21 September 2018 at 01:00 AM CEST. It is currently unclear whether the free weekend on Steam will also end later than on uPlay, PS4 and Xbox One.

Pre-loads are already available on PC and PS4, as they have been open since 18 September 2018. The PC pre-load only works with uPlay though. Just like previous free weekends in Ubisoft's games, players will be able to carry their progress over if they decide to purchase Ghost Recon: Wildlands later on. On top of that, they will be able to play with their friends who already own the game, with no restrictions whatsoever.

Ubisoft Sam Fisher makes a sad face when he realizes Solid Snake is no longer around. Ghost Recon Wildlands - Sam Fisher's startling realisation

Those who do decide to purchase Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be able to do so with discounts of up to 60 per cent. The biggest discount will be on the Standard edition, while Gold Year 2 and Ultimate editions will be available for 30 per cent off. Gold and Ultimate editions contain some additional unlocks and loot boxes, but they are not exactly the "must have" type of thing, so if you happen to like the price of the Standard edition, you will not be at a loss.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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