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Ghost Recon: Wildlands gets battle royale in its final update

Published: 09:34, 18 July 2019
Ghost Recon Wildlands artwork showing red smoke, several characters with guns and a helicopter
Ghost Recon Wildlands: Mercenaries

In the final update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Ubisoft have introduced a battle royale mode named Mercenaries. The mode supports up to 8 players and is very similar to Survival mode in The Division. It's available now on all platforms.

More than two years since the official release of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the developer and publisher Ubisoft are still supporting the game by releasing free content updates. Over 19 title updates have been released over the last two years and the time has come to close the Wildlands book as Ghost Recon: Breakpoint release inches closer.

In the final major update for Wildlands, Ubisoft have a brand new game mode as a thank-you to the community. Named Mercenaries, it's battle royale hybrid, similar to Survival mode in The Division.

It supports up to eight players and your objective is to call for rescue, locate and reach the extraction point, and be the first to board the chopper. To find the extraction point, which is unknown at the beginning of the match, you'll need to locate and activate radio transmitters to shrink the possible extract zone on your map. 

While you search for the radio transmitters, you'll also loot for weapons, attachments and other gear. Furthermore, there are intel markers all over the map that will give you certain advantages.

You can use them to reveal the position of other players for a limited amount of time, reveal rare items like gear and weapons or see the location of a vehicle.

Once you find and activate all three transmitters you can call in a helicopter and wait for extraction. At the extraction, you'll need to stay in the area around the helicopter to fill the extraction gauge to board the helicopter.

Those who complete only one Mercenaries match will be rewarded with Walker Lone Wolf costume. For those who win one or several matches of Mercenaries, there are special rewards:

  • 1st Win: Mercenary Patch
  • 3rd Win: Mercenary Pants
  • 5th Win: Mercenary Heavy Vest
  • 10th Win: Jacket Army Mercenary
  • 15th Win: Mercenary Heavy Vest with Shoulder Pads
  • 25th Win: Mercenary Backpack

Ubisoft Ghost Recon Wildlands soldiers are standing in grass with their weapons at the ready. Ghost Recon Wildlands

The Mercenaries update also brought several bug fixes and you can read for more details on that.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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