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Germany will finally lift their ban on swastikas in video games

Published: 14:50, 09 August 2018
Updated: 14:57, 09 August 2018
Frau Engel is handing a fire axe to a super soldier in Wolfenstein 2
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Germany seems to be ready to remove some of censorship regarding swastikas in video games, or as they were referred to - unconstitutional symbols associated with unconstitutional organisations. It's not a free for all Hitler fest though.

Germany's game industries body, simply named Game, will apparently soften their regulations regarding symbols associated with the Nazi Party. Therefore, the Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK) will be able to apply age ratings to video games that contain such symbolism.

USK will still have to sort such games on case by case basis, in order to decide if they are tame enough to qualify under the "social adequacy clause" which is under section 86 of the German Criminal Code. In non-legal-mumbo-jumbo words, USK will have to determine whether the symbols in these games serve an artistic purpose or depict current and historical events instead of pushing some agenda.

Movies and literature have been given a somewhat free reign before, but for some reason video games were held back until recently. Probably because it's currently a trend to blame video games for mass shootings and other forms of violence, just like it was music and movies before.

According to , Felix Falk, the managing director of Game, stated that "This new decision is an important step for games in Germany", which is quite obvious since every other part of the world got to have fun with World War 2 themed games, while they had to be either heavily modified for the German market or not released at all.

He continued by remarking how they "have long campaigned for video games to finally be permitted to play an equal role in social discourse, without exception". It turns out all these efforts were not fruitless.

Rebellion Picture of Adolf Hitler about to be killed by a shot from a sniper rifle. Sniper Elite 4

It is more than understandable that the German people denounce the Nazi Party and their influence to this day, but since it's almost 70 years after World War 2 ended, it may be high time to let people properly enjoy what is probably the most common pastime of modern era.

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