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Genshin Impact: Chasm will apparently have two parts

Published: 23:37, 25 February 2022
Genshin Impact enemy Ruin Serpent
Genshin Impact - Ruin Serpent

A recent Genshin Impact leak has revealed additional information about one of the new regions that will arrive in the upcoming Genshin Impact Version 2.6.

Genshin Impact  has taken the gaming industry by storm and the player base keeps growing by each day. Recent leaks have revealed pretty much all of the content that we are going to see in the upcoming 2.6 update, including new characters and regions.

Developer miHoYo has been adding a new region in almost every update. Last update has brought the interesting region named Enkanomiya. The official Livestream for Genshin Impact update 2.6 

A recent leak on the popular Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed more information about the upcoming region Chasm. The new region will apparently have two separate halves. Chasm will have multiple layers of explorable terrain

Chasm is heavily tied with two popular characters, the long-awaited Yaoyao and Baizhu. Chasm will apparently have its own artifact domain and 6 teleport waypoints including Statue of The Seven.

miHoYo Picture from the official Genshin Impact forum Yaoyao, Qiqi and Paimon

Yaoyao has had her in-game model leaked many months ago and it seems like miHoYo are waiting for the perfect moment to implement her into the playable roster.

So far the only elemental reaction that includes Dendro is Burning. The grass is considered a Dendro object and will spread the burn effect around the area. The fact that this element only interacts with Pyro might be one of the reasons why we haven't seen a Dendro character yet. It would surely require a major change to the elemental reaction fighting mechanics of the game.

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