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Genshin Impact: Albedo will apparently get a banner re-run

Published: 20:06, 26 August 2021
Updated: 20:18, 26 August 2021
A screenshot from the game Genshin Impact featuring the character Albedo
Abledo - Genshin Impact

Character banner re-runs have recently become pretty common in the world of Genshin Impact. A recent leak revealed that we might get the chance to pull for the Albedo again.

Genshin Impact  updates 2.0 and 2.1 have brought much-needed fresh content after all the previous banner re-runs which kind of felt like filler updates. After numerous new characters like Ayaka, Yoimiya, Raiden Shogun and Sara, we could expect a character drought for the foreseeable future.

Albedo has certainly become one of the fan-favorite characters in Genshin Impact. He is one of the strongest characters in the game right now and probably one of the strongest support characters in the game alongside Bennet and Mona. Albedo is a Geo sword user and he is one of the most important characters in the Dragonspine region.

A credible Genshin Impact leaker called UBatcha1 has apparently revealed  that at the moment, 's re-run is scheduled to be released after Hu Tao's, but these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. This would mean that he could be released as the first banner character of the 2.3 update which should drop around November 24.

Yae Miko is another character mentioned in the leak and she's already become one of the fan-favorite characters in Genshin Impact. She has already made two appearances in the last two update previews (2.0 and 2.1) and according to the recent live stream, she will be the main character that takes us through the second part of Inazuma.

miHoYo Albedo - Genshin Impact character Genshin Impact - Albedo

Recent leaks have revealed a bunch of interesting characters like Gorou, Kokomi, Shogun, Sara and others. If miHoYo confirms these leaks, it shouldn't come as a surprise if many players choose to skip other banners for Albedo since he's a strong support character.

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