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Gen G emerge on top of LCK, Faker achieves 2000 kills

Published: 14:58, 05 March 2020
Updated: 15:00, 05 March 2020
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LCK's first round-robin of Spring Split in 2020 has concluded and the league will go on a hiatus due to Coronavirus. It ended with two highlights, as Gen G came out as leaders on the board and Faker got his 2,000th kill in LCK.

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) has wrapped up the first part of the Spring Split in 2020 as three teams vied for the top of the ladder. DragonX tailed behind T1 and Gen G for a while due to losing to the other two and finished their first round-robin in third place with 7-2 win/loss ratio.

T1 and Gen G were tied for the first place until the very last week of the competition before the forced hiatus . It was on 5 March 2020 that Afreeca Freecs pulled an upset and beat Faker & Co in a reverse sweep. T1 opened the series on a strong note as Faker crushed AF with 9/1/12 on his Orianna which left him extremely close to a huge milestone.

In that moment, Faker had 1,997 kills in LCK but he would have to wait until the next match. The second game of the showdown went heavily in Afreeca Freecs' favour but T1 could potentially stand a chance to win had they not let the Infernal Dragon Soul go to the opposing team.

Still, this did not stop Faker from grabbing enough takedowns to reach the 2,000 kills milestone but this became a bittersweet celebration as AF equalised the series.

Game 3 was also one-sided and not exactly Faker's best. unlike the previous two matches, he did not carry as he went 0/4/3 with his Sett. Afreeca Freecs once again took a dragon soul and proceeded to dismantle T1, bringing about their second loss of the season.

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After the series concluded, Gen G were the only team in LCK that dropped only one matchup, standing on the top spot with 8-1 while T1 and DRX are sharing the second place with 7-2.

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