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Galactic Junk League arriving on Steam Early Access

Published: 12:32, 16 January 2017
Updated: 13:03, 03 July 2017
Galactic Junk League

Galactic Junk League is a free-to-play action shooter by Pixel Federation

The game features five unlockable classes named Rookie, Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship and Destroyer. Each class has a unique fighting style, abilities and build options.

Ship building possibilities are abundant due to many different building options and a mirror mode. The weapon systems include Rockets, Lasers and Gauss. Players can engage in 7v7 PvP battles in arenas across four different maps.

Galactic Junk League Galactic Junk League

When the game launches on Steam, players will be able to merge their game account from the open beta version with their Steam account, transferring all levels, ships and purchases. Galactic Junk League will still be accessible through the original non-Steam client.

Galactic Junk League launches 17th January on .

Galactic Junk League

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Galactic Junk League

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