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G2 reverse sweep Fnatic to proceed to LEC Summer Playoff finals

Published: 23:37, 31 August 2019
Updated: 10:49, 02 October 2019
G2 Esports
Promotional image of G2 Esports League of Legends team
G2 Esports

G2 Esports have reaffirmed their status as the #1 European team by taking out Fnatic in the Juggernaut match of the LEC Summer Split Playoffs but not before the latter gave them a proper scare by winning the first two games of the series.

Fnatic kicked off the Juggernaut match on a strong note as they pretty much won the first game during the draft phase. G2 did not anticipate Rekkles and Hylissang going for the Garen and Yuumi bot lane combo which resulted in them failing to ban the cat. This mistake would not be repeated for the rest of the series.

They did, however, try to counter it with Mordekaiser and Pyke duo though but that didn't go well as Rekkles went legendary by the end of the match and PerkZ's metal man only managed two kills against five deaths. Nemesis also had a fantastic game on Twisted Fate and Fnatic managed to close out the first match in 28 minutes on the wings of these two carries.

The second match was an absolute treat to watch, regardless of whether you happened to be an FNC or G2 or even a neutral observer. Each team went in with Teleport on top laner, mid laner and AD carry which already makes for huge map presence but both FNC and G2 reinforced their macro game with two global ultimates - Twisted Fate's gate for FNC and Shen's Stand United for G2.

Such a massive global presence resulted in fights flaring up all over the map, at all times. The teams were trading blow for blow and it looked like there is no end in sight for this kill extravaganza but it was just one decisive team fight victory for Fnatic that gave them enough time to rush to G2's base and finish the match in 31 minutes.

Riot Games Picture of Akali in League of Legends League of Legends - Akali

Two particularly clean plays marked this match for Fnatic - Bwipo's on Wunder and Nemesis' that allowed Fnatic to wipe the last two members of G2 before closing out the game.

Game #3 kicked off in a fashion similar to the first two. Fights all over the place, excitement abound as both teams kept going blow for blow but even though G2 banned Nemesis' Twisted Fate to reduce Fnatic's global presence, they didn't count on him picking Akali.

This turned out to be a great move by Fnatic as Nemesis brutalised Caps in the mid lane. The advantage started to shift in Fnatic's favour and it looked like we were dipping into a 3-0 clean sweep for the black and orange team, until they went for possibly the worst they could.

As a result of this disaster, G2 walked out with two kills and a baron buff on four of their team members. Fnatic faced an uphill struggle from this point on, one they wouldn't be able to overcome. G2 continued on to wrap the game up at around 40th minute.

This game also marked the rise of Wunder's unstoppable onslaught that Fnatic wouldn't be able to deal with for the rest of the series.

Riot Games Splash art for Kled in League of Legends League of Legends - Kled

Capitalising on the newfound success as they gave Wunder some breathing room with three bans that directly targetted Bwipo, G2 continued to trust the top laner with their fate. The trust was well placed as he proved that it's not only his Kled that could carry games but also his Akali.

With Renekton, Gangplank and Aatrox banned, Bwip was out of his signature picks. Fnatic resorted to picking Shen in the top lane for more of that global presence, hoping their macro game would make up for the lower damage potential.

This plan backfired because they didn't count on Wunder piggybacking Shen's ultimate and Teleport with Akali's Shuriken Flip. The were hilarious but also detrimental to Fnatic who simply could not deal with Wunder's rampant ninja. 

Furthermore, Caps put his A-game on and went 7-1 in mid lane with Syndra, managing to in the process. G2 then proceeded to routinely dismantle Fnatic and closed out the fourth game in 25 minutes. 

It seems that Fnatic's mental stamina had completely drained by this point and the first-ever best of five series that went to the fifth match in LEC had one broken team and one that showed no signs of stopping.

As you may have guessed from the tone of that sentence, G2 absolutely dominated the final match and for the sake of well being of Fnatic's fans we will not go into much detail. It's enough to say the final score on the board was 27-7 and it wrapped up in 20 minutes.

On the bright side, Fnatic fans can blame Rogue for their fantastic start instead of the dreadful draft phase before the last game.

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