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G2 win LEC playoffs in another fantastic showdown with Fnatic

Published: 21:57, 09 September 2019
Updated: 08:55, 25 September 2019
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Syndra will not be getting the upper hand over Lulu after all

G2 Esports are the crowned champions of Europe as they prepare to head to League of Legends World Championship 2019 as the region's first seed. They beat Fnatic again in the finals in another fantastic matchup between the legendary teams.

Fnatic have managed to reach the match point versus G2 Esports twice in LEC playoffs in 2019 and G2 turned the tide both times. This resulted in the League of Legends esports fans having an absolute blast two weekends in a row which left some of us wanting more, even hoping G2 and Fnatic would clash during World Championship 2019 again.

During the Round 2 of LEC Summer Playoffs, Fnatic struggled to find a way to deal with Wunder's Kled in top lane and the brought it up in spectacular fashion during the finals. Bwipo picked Jax out of nowhere, contributing massively to Fnatic's win in the first game.

The first game was yet another kill extravaganza, as we have come to expect when these titans clash. No one could pull ahead as both teams took kill for kill, turret for turret. Fnatic finally started breaking off at around 23rd minute when they picked up the Baron. Slowly but surely, they kept squeezing more benefit than G2 from the previously even trades across the map which led to the black and orange team winning the first match in just short of 32 minutes.

G2 saw the threat Bwipo posed on Jax and banned him immediately in Game 2. This draft phase also saw the rise of another star of the playoffs - Mikyx's Thresh. 

Not only did G2 take away Bwipo's Jax, Jankos also made sure Fnatic top laner's life was miserable in the early game with constant pressure, allowing Wunder to gain more control with Kled. With no one to stop him, G2's top laner applied pressure all over the map and the game was anything but even. Four out of five of G2's players had absolutely amazing performances with impeccable KDA ratios which contributed to the domination that ended in 28th minute as Fnatic's nexus fell.

Following G2's equaliser, Fnatic seemed to have paid more attention during drafts. They banned Mikyx's Thresh while G2 left Jax open for Bwipo, which led to their demise.

Once again, he managed to stop Wunder's Kled and help the rest of the team break away from the even playing field. He led the charge in every encounter and even took out PerkZ in a 1v2 situation. Baron buff at 33 minutes was added to the list of Fnatic's leads but they squandered the opportunity to break into G2's base while Bwipo dragged Caps and Wunder halfway across the map.

They grabbed another Baron after 39th minute and this time there was no stopping Fnatic. Bwipo casually hopped in, tanked five people and survived while the rest of his team mopped them up. G2's nexus fell soon after for 2-1 lead and match point for Fnatic.

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Fnatic weren't fated to take this match point either though, as G2 outdrafted them in the fourth game. Jax was open, Fnatic didn't pick him and Bwipo took Karma instead. Mikyx got his Thresh once again and it's not really a surprise that G2 took this one home.

Not to take away from another fantastic match though, the teams traded kills all over the map and were pretty even for a while. However, it was obvious from 24th minute on that G2 have broken Fnatic's back and this is where the steamroll began. It concluded just before the 30th minute with score 17-5 as Caps finally stepped up and PerkZ went Legendary with 8-0 for the second time in the series.

Game 5 was the one that would decide who goes to Worlds 2019 as Europe's first seed and G2 wouldn't gamble that opportunity by trying to hide their pocket picks. PerkZ brought out his secret weapon, which you may have guessed by now based on the head image of the article.

Furthermore, G2 banned Jax, forced Bwipo into a tank role again and they got Thresh for Mikyx. That was G2's support getting that particular champion in all of the three games they won. Once could say G2 won this game in the draft phase but that wouldn't be fair to PerkZ's amazing performance on Syndra as he ruthlessly dispatched pretty much anyone and anything Fnatic threw at him.

Fnatic held their own much better than in Game 5 of the first Juggernaut match in the playoffs though but G2 pulled ahead in large part thanks to PerkZ's incredible farming piled on top of the kills he picked up. Having four items completed before anyone else meant Syndra could just blow someone up on command and it kept happening until G2 squeezed the life out of Fnatic's nexus a little faster than 36 minutes in.

Interestingly enough, the red side team won four out of five games during the finals. It is only the last game that G2 managed to win on the blue side.

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