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FunPlus Phoenix win Chinese League of Legends summer split

Published: 18:42, 07 September 2019
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League of Legends - FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix have won LPL Summer Split playoffs by coasting against Royal Never Give Up, guaranteeing their spot in League of Legends World Championship 2019 as #1 Chinese seed. RNG are second, the third is still to be decided.

FunPlus Phoenix took out Royal Never Give Up in the finals of Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Summer Split playoffs in what may superficially look like an easy 3-1 victory but it is far from the truth, as anyone who observed the finals can testify.

Royal Never Give Up actually won the first match of the series in what was a fairly even game. It took them 38 minutes to bring FPX down in what was not as exciting match as the ridiculous duel we witnessed just a week ago with G2 vs FNC. The final kill score was 13-9 in favour of RNG, which translates into roughly 0.58 kills per minute. 

In the end, it was Uzi who hit his Kai'Sa power spike which was too much for FunPlus Phoenix to handle, when coupled with the power RNG accrued from the Baron, four elemental drakes and one Elder Dragon. RNG was in the lead almost the entire match but the real gold difference kicked off at around 23 minute mark.

Match two, on the other hand, was anything but even. FunPlus Phoenix came in hard and crushed RNG in just 28 minutes. Significant gold difference started building up at around 13 minutes into the game and it just kept getting bigger. Uzi tried his best to keep RNG in the game but there was only so much he could do, compared to an overfed (10-1 at the end of the game) Kai'Sa. The final kill score was 16-3, testifying to the one-sidedness of the match.

The third game was fairly uneventful for a large portion but remained possibly the biggest nail-biting inducer thanks to the hype moments. At the 35 minute mark, there were just six kills in total, a result of RNG's stranglehold tactics as they kept splitting in 1-3-1 formation. It was fairly successful as they took out six of FPX's turrets while losing only three.

The slow match took a turn for the better as the timer was though, when a fight broke out, following Karsa's steal of the Elder Dragon FPX almost killed. This resulted in three deaths on RNG and everyone thought FPX would finish it there but the two remaining members managed to save RNG's nexus at about 20 per cent health.

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RNG continued the rollercoaster ride by attempting to finish the game themselves, after wiping four FPX players but they respawned just as RNG were about to take the second nexus turret. It was time for FPX to push again, with Langx and Xiaohu managing to kill Tian but the rest of FPX just ignored them and killed the nexus. 2-1 for FPX.

The fourth match dragged on for 42 minutes, once again with kills being few and far between. FPX came out on top in the end, thanks to Lwx's 6-1-6 Lucian. Not to take away from Lwx's excellent performance, but Crisp took the finals MVP title for a reason - his Nautilus was impeccable with fantastic engages. 

With FPX victorious, Doinb finally managed to take the crown and qualified for World Championship in style. Uzi took a crown of his own, one he's all too familiar with as he cemented his role of being the king of the second place.


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