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FunPlus Phoenix reportedly sign Khan

Published: 17:53, 26 November 2019
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SKT T1 Khan and Faker
SKT T1 Khan and Faker

Former SKT T1 star top laner, Kim "Khan" Dong-ha, has apparently decided to continue his career with the world champions, FunPlus Phoenix. Meanwhile, his former organisation is filling the sport with former Gen.G top laner, Roach.

LCK transfers are moving at blinding speed at the moment, especially when it comes to the most successful team in League of Legends history, SKT T1. Following the departure of the legendary coach, kkOma, the team signed another highly proficient coach, Kim Jeong-soo, who was most recently part of Damwon Gaming.

The roster shakeup continues with Khan, who is in near future, according to ESPN. Considering the top lane dominance he often maintains, it is no wonder several teams from North America, China and Korea expressed their interest.

Losing high calibre team members such as kkOma and Khan could prove disastrous for any team, including T1, but it appears they are keeping up with the changes. 

The coach was replaced by Kim Jeong-soo. While Kim didn't win three World Championship titles, he did win the most recent one between the two.  Furthermore, he appears to have a knack for creating top lane stars, including Nuguri, TheShy and even Khan himself which will fit right into T1's attempts to keep a strong top laner.

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Speaking of which, this role will be filled Roach, formerly of Gen.G. The talented youngster seems to be the perfect match for Kim and it remains to be possible if the duo will make history in 2020.

With these changes, T1's roster for Season 10 seems to be locked at Roach on top, Cuzz in jungle, Faker on mid with Teddy and Effort on bot lane.

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