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Funcom reveal Conan Unconquered, Petroglyph's survival RTS game

Published: 15:46, 05 March 2019
Updated: 13:17, 06 March 2019
Picture of some units duking it out in Conan Unconquered
Conan Unconquered

Conan Unconquered will be a new real-time strategy survival game developed by Petroglyph and published by Funcom. The game doesn't have a strict release date but it will come to PC during Q2 2019 and will have several multiplayer options.

Funcom have announced Conan Unconquered months ago but this is the first time the game was shown during a behind-the-scenes video with the developers Petroglyph. According to them, a lot of inspiration came from other survival strategy games such as They Are Billions and Frostpunk, with the developers especially praising the latter.

Conan Unconquered may not be as hardcore as Frostpunk when it comes to weather effects, but there will be some. As the official Steam page states, the game will have specific environmental mechanics - as both players' and enemy AI soldiers die, they will leave bodies on the battlefield. These bodies will decay and can cause disease which can turn the tide of war, while necromancers might be able to use bodies for other purposes.

Due to the survival part of the game, Conan Unconquered will not be a regular RTS. While commanding and replenishing the army is a strategy game of itself, the main conflict will be at next to their base as players endure wave after wave of relentless hordes of enemies.

Another mechanic that sets Conan Unconquered apart from the regular real-time strategies is that it will not be entirely a real-time strategy game as players will be able to pause the game and construct a building or new army units.

It will seemingly work in a similar manner as the Dragon Age series' pause to give instructions to AI teammates.

Petroglyph Picture of some units duking it out in Conan Unconquered Conan Unconquered

Several hallmark attributes of Conan's universe will be apparent in the game as players will be able to summon Mitra's avatar and unlock heroes from Conan's universe, but there is no mention whether there would be any nudity. Then again, it makes one wonder if it has a place in a strategy game.

Players will be able to play solo or with another player, be it their friend or someone randomly found in matchmaking. The difficulty will go up accordingly if it is a multiplayer session, so it would be a good idea to make sure both players are up to the task before going neck-deep in strawberries.

Conan Unconquered will during Q2 2019 and there is currently no official announcement for consoles.

Conan Unconquered - several early screenshots from the game

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Conan Unconquered

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