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PUBG 1.0 version coming soon, here are some similar games you can abuse for free

Published: 13:21, 20 December 2017
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Bluehole's battle royale will soon be leaving early access. After the launch, there will be a five - hour server maintenance. To honour PUBG's official release, I've compiled a list of five similar games you can play for free.

PUBG has had an amazing run during its early access days. Now it's time to come out into the real world. Bluehole's battle royale game will launch on 21 December at 07:00 AM GMT. You can expect the obligatory server maintenance to start at 02:00 GMT tomorrow, and last for an estimated five hours. PUBG's leaderboards will be reset for the 1.0 launch.

The dev team had previously stated that they are holding some select patches back from the test servers in order to apply them to the 1.0 build. Right now, a brand - new batch of updates can be found on the PUBG test servers. You can read the updated patch notes on the .

Now that PUBG is officially out of the way, we can focus on other battle royale games. Today, I chose to look at the ones that are free to play and aren't . That said, let's get into it:

Rules of Survival

Why don't we start off with a mobile game, as PUBG is also set to make the transition sometime soon. Rules of Survival puts you into an arena with 119 other (unarmed) players and slowly tightens the circle around you using the threat of death by poisonous gas.

NetEase Games A character parachuting into a match Rules of Survival

Standard battle royale rules apply, and you can team up with up to three other players. You can find Rules of Survival on and on the .

Last Man Standing

This is will be the last good looking game on this list. Last Man Standing also has the biggest map out of all games on this list. Size does matter. Where this game departs from the others is in its respawn policy. At the start of each match, players get a set number of lives. When those lives are depleted, the player remains in the game as a spectator.

There are no vehicles in this game, so you'll have to walk everywhere. Nevertheless, you probably won't have to spend ages looking for other players. This has been taken care of with "supply drops". They are exactly what you'd expect them to be, with an added bonus. Every player on the map can see where they are, which can result in an every man for himself skirmish.  also has the nifty option of shield usage.

Free Reign Entertainment A man firing a bazooka into a hill Last Man Standing

Prison Royale

You versus 34 other players. Not expansive by PUBG standards and very uneasy on the eye. Prison Royale is a free to play game that puts you in an orange jumpsuit and gives you a clean conscience - every other player you kill is also an inmate. The game is in very early stages of development.

Roblox One character shooting another with a revolver Prison Royale

If you can overlook  's graphics, there's a decent number of players on the other side of the human-proof fence.

5 minutes to kill

In case you're looking for something a touch different. is a top-down browser game. Find some weapons and ammo, then proceed to pick off other players. 

io Games A bird's-eye view of the gameplay in 5 Minutes To Kill 5 Minutes To Kill

It fun and easy to access. The top-down set-up makes it a bit difficult to find the enemies at first, but a blue circle of poisonous gas will help you out with that. The entire game lasts a maximum of five minutes, wink wink.


Unturned is yet another brightly coloured, boxy looking game on this list. One of the game's modes is called Arena and that's where the battle royale happens. There's an inventory system and the game even lets you modify your weapons by adding sights and scopes. On top of all this, looks like Minecraft's bloody sibling.

Smartly Dressed Games An Unturned character firing a rifle Unturned

And there you go, five games that give you the PUBG feel in exchange for zero moneys. Enjoy. 

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