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Fortnite v11.20 update will add support for Microsoft's DirectX 12

Published: 20:21, 18 November 2019
Epic Games
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In their latest post, Epic Games said that Fortnite evolves with technology and that as of the game's v11.20 update, players will get to choose whether to use DirectX 12 and all the benefits that come with Microsoft's collection of APIs.

"The PC version of Fortnite currently requires a graphics card capable of running Microsoft DirectX 11. In v11.20, however, you’ll have the added option to play the PC version using Microsoft DirectX 12", they wrote. 

Epic claims that owners of high-end GPUs will notice the difference right away, as DirectX 12 should provide higher and more constant frame rates. DirectX's improved CPU performance and better distribution of rendering tasks across multiple cores in layman's terms means a better running game. 

The developer noted that this is just the beginning and that they plan to add more DX12 features in the future, which makes the initial opt-in program a sort of testing grounds for Epic. "Allowing players to opt into DX12 before these features are added will give us valuable information in our development efforts and help us shake out any bugs", they wrote. 

Naturally, this means nothing for users who are restricted to DirectX 11 and they'll be able to play Fortnite just as before. If, however, you're down with helping out Epic Games with sprucing up of Fortnite, the update v11.20 will let you do so and hopefully, it results in more stable performance for those with the gear to take advantage of it.

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It's been a mixed bag when it comes to news from Epic lately, as their was soon followed up by a lawsuit and a for using an aimbot on his stream. Granted, they're legally right in both cases, but the latter one seems to be splitting the community in terms of how harsh it was. 

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