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Epic Games' legal threats shut down Fortnite data miner FNBRLeaks

Published: 12:16, 16 December 2018
Epic Games
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Popular Fortnite leaker FNBRLeaks has shut down his social media and GitHub accounts after receiving a cease and desist letter from Epic's attorney. FNBRLeaks shared the info saying that if he didn't do it, Epic would pursue legal action.

FNBRLeaks has been a reliable source for new Fortnite events, additions, changes and season updates but from now on players will have to look elsewhere for exclusive information. Preston aka FNBRLeaks has announced that he won't be sharing Fortnite leaks anymore after Epic Games' legal team threatened him with a lawsuit. 

Epic also demanded that he deletes his social media and GitHub accounts. "Due to the request of an Epic Games Attorney who I'm not going to disclose, my Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and GitHub must be deleted, or else they will take action," FNBRLeaks has said in his statement.

According to Epic, the problem wasn't in the constant leaks, instead, the company saw the problem in FNBRLeaks' sale of mod tools for Fortnite which are against Epic's terms of service for the popular game.

“The owner of this account and others promoted and advertised the sale of game modification tools which violate our terms of service. This is not directly related to data mining or leaking,” said one of Epic Games staff on Reddit. 

While Epic says that move wasn't made because of the leaks, a document shared by one of the FNBRLeaks members states otherwise. A cease and desist order which they received from Epic's legal team clearly requests that leakers stop “data mining by unauthorized means and leaking prior to its intended release”.

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Creating and selling mod tools for Fortnite is one thing and Epic certainly have every right to try and stop this. But requesting that FNBRLeaks pulls the plug on revealing information is a questionable move from the company. It's not like they're doing anything illegal with data mining, just digging things up that Epic put there in the first place.

All in all, leaks were fun while they lasted but it will be interesting to see if someone else takes the spot and continues with releasing exclusive Fortnite stuff.

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