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Fortnite is teasing a crossover event with IT's Pennywise

Published: 14:46, 05 September 2019
fortnite screenshot showing a red balloon
Fortnite - IT balloons

It looks like Epic Games are set to introduce another crossover event in their shooter Fortnite. Many players have reported seeing mysterious red balloons attached to storm drains, which emit a creepy laugh when you interact with them.

Recently, Epic Games and Gearbox Software partnered up to bring Borderlands 3 crossover event to Fortnite, Of course, this is not the first time that Fortnite is welcoming other games into its world. World's most popular shooter also had crossover events with films and TV series, bringing John Wick and Stranger Things-themed items to players.

It looks like Epic Games plan to continue the tradition with another crossover event in the near future. Many players have reported seeing mysterious red balloons attached to storm drains all over the game's map, from Salty Springs to Pleasant Park.

In case you're not sure what these mean, the balloons also emit a creepy laugh once you interact with them. If you still can't quite connect the dots, well, these elements are obviously synonymous with IT film and the creepy clown Pennywise.

This means that Fortnite could soon welcome some IT-themed items and unique features. The film is officially hitting the theatres tomorrow - 06 September 2019 - so if Epic indeed plan to introduce a crossover event, the announcement should be imminent.

However, it's also possible that IT crossover event comes at a later date since Borderlands 3 crossover is currently active and Fortnite's collaborations tend to vary in breadth.

As for the current collab, it introduced a new Rift Zone based on Pandora, a planet in Borderland 3. Players also got several items including The Psycho Bundle. 

Previously, Fortnite hosted Thanos from the Avengers film in a limited-time mode, John Wick also featured as a skin. It will be interesting to see whether Pennywise comes only as skin or something much bigger.

Epic Games Poster for Epic Games and Fortnite's Summer Skirmish event Fortnite

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