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Fortnite's new Creative Mode is coming in Season 7

Published: 17:21, 05 December 2018
Epic Games
picture showing fortnite creative mode logo
Fortnite Creative Mode

Epic Games have officially announced a new Fortnite mode which will be coming on 13 December 2018. Creative mode will give players the ability to build their own and visit their friends' islands, create mini-games and add their own rules.

Just hours after YouTuber Lachlan leaked the information about the new Fortnite mode, Epic have come out and officially confirmed that a brand new mode dubbed Fortnite Creative will be coming in Season 7.

As the name suggests, Fortnite Creative will allow the players to build on their own islands where they can fight, race or do whatever they want. The announcement video mentions creating of your own game modes and handling cinematics too. Players will be able to share their creations with friends and visit each other's islands. 

An in-game phone will be used as a tool for editing the world and objects within the world. Also, the ability to turn no-clip mode is included and it will allow players to fly around the island for easier travel.

Even though you can create almost anything with Fortnite Creative, Epic added a memory limiter which prevents the players from filling the world to the point where the game would crash. Once your creation is done, mini-games will become available and everything you and your friends destroyed during the battle will not carry over to Creative mode.

Fortnite Creative will be available on 6 December 2018 for Battle Pass owners and 13 December 2018 for the rest of the mortals. Epic say players should expect a rough start in the first week of testing as they plan to add more stuff and expand Creative over time. 

Epic Games picture showing buiding in Fortnite Fortnite Creative

Speaking about the new mode, Fortnite's creative director Donald Mustard said that Creative was one of their main goals for a long time. "Fortnite Creative is a labour of love for all of us at Epic. As passionate game creators, our ultimate goal is for you to be able to build your own Fortnite", Mustard said before adding that the developer will be supporting the mode for years to come. 

"Like the rest of Fortnite, expect rapid iteration and updates as we refine and add and build for years to come," he concluded.

Epic's senior PR manager Nick Chester said their plan was to reveal the new mode today regardless of the leak. Announcing Fortnite Creative on The Games Awards was never their intention as they have other surprises for the show.

You can find out more on Epic's official website

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