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Forg1ven steps down from Schalke 04 roster

Published: 14:57, 14 February 2020
League of Legends - Schalke 04 Forg1ven
League of Legends - Schalke 04 Forg1ven

Schalke 04's roster is shaking up following the abysmal start of the LEC Spring 2020 and one of the team members that will no longer be present during this split is Konstantinos "Forg1ven" Tzortziou who stepped down of his own volition.

Starts of a new season sometimes don't go that well. Fnatic had a rather shaky one in Season 9 after Caps' departure and Nemesis making his LEC debut but both the team and the player didn't give up, which eventually resulted in them going to World Championship 2019 as Europe's second seed.

This is not how things go all the time though. In the case of Schalke 04, the team started the season with six losses in just as many matches. Normally some change in either mentality or roster was to be expected and both happened. Lurox is the team's starter jungler now and Forg1ven is no longer the starting AD carry.

of the bot lane change was measured and professional, as one might expect, while Forg1ven's was not so much. He openly stated that he is stepping down of his own volition due to the team being "unable/unwilling" to make changes that would fit his goal to "win and be competitive".

Many see the statement as career suicide as far as League of Legends esports go, especially because Forg1ven is not exactly in his prime. At the age of 27, it's hard to see a new organisation foregoing his attitude towards both and due to being a young talent or a different kind of prodigy.

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Replacing him will be Nihat "Innaxe" Aliev who has been quoted by the organisation as one of the reasons for the success of Schalke's academy team which pretty much has the opposite start of season, compared to the LEC team.

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