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For Honor: Tyranny adding Metal Trials, Centurion rework, hero later

Published: 17:53, 09 June 2020
For Honor: Tyranny battlegrounds
For Honor: Tyranny

Ubisoft's sword-wielding action title For Honor is kicking off Year 4 Season 5 in a few days and the trailer for Tyranny hints at what to expect in terms of the story.

It's pretty clear from the get-go that the narrator isn't overly fond of peace, quite the contrary in fact, so expect a traditionally bloody season once For Honor: Tyranny launches on June 11, 2020.

"A powerful threat is coming to put an end to the Truce of Wyverndale. Who will dare to disturb such a fragile hope?", Ubisoft wrote in the description. 

Metal Trials will be making their return on the first day of For Honor: Tyranny. The dev team threw in a special twist though, and you'll now be fighting with a crowd to cheer you on. 

Ubisoft reminded that bosses receive bonuses if players win a Bo7 round, which coupled with heroes who have been added to the game since bodes well for the Test Your Metal fun factor. 

The Centurion rework is also coming on day one and Ubisoft thanked the community, whose feedback has been invaluable in the process. They'll be posting detailed changes soon, so stay tuned. 

For Honor: Tyranny will bring a new hero as well, but we'll have to wait until August 6, 2020, and the same goes for the combat changes. 

"The changes we tried in the last Testing Grounds (now called the Core Combat Update) will also "go live" on August 6th. The Core Combat Update will result in a more dynamic experience for our players and disrupt the potentially stale defensive meta", they wrote. 

Ubisoft For Honor: Tyranny trailer screenshot For Honor: Tyranny, Peace is Poison

Ubisoft also wanted For Honor's community to know that they're keeping their feedback on damage values, potential light spam and Feats balancing in mind, so expect to hear more soon. 

For Honor, action-fighting title developed by Ubisoft North

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