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For Honor players fighting Rabbids in April Fools' Day event

Published: 12:57, 01 April 2019
For Honor character fighting Rabbids in April Fools' Day event
For Honor, Rabbids attack!

Although nowhere near as subtle as some other April Fools' Day pranks, Ubisoft have delivered chuckleworthy content to their medieval fighting game For Honor. So, players will be fighting Rabbids and even winning some special rewards.

Ubisoft wrote that "the Rabbids are taking over for the minions in a special, 24-hour For Honor April Fools' Day event".

For Honor's special event ends on 01 April, at 9am PDT, which translates to 02 April 6am CET, so you might want to hurry if you want to participate.

Considering that the event is part of For Honor's Year 3 content called , Ubisoft made sure that players remember the event well.

So, anyone logging in during the Rabbids event will be getting a melee pack as a reward. Not to mention that he'll experience all that Rabbid cuteness in first person. 

Well, the cuteness factor of Rabbids may subside a bit once you realise that they're wielding plungers, toilet brushes and other sorts of (un)sanitary equipment, but still. "Don't get hit" is the best advice we can offer.

Ubisoft reminded that they're planning on a very eventful 2019, which will include additional seasonal events.

For Honor's last update brought us a new Harbor map and , whose set of Bulwark moves makes for one fierce defence specialist.

In case you haven't given him a go, you should know that Bulwark Stance allows for blocking attacks from all directions; Bulwark Counter negates attacks when correctly timed, whereas Bulwark Slash is a powerful attack that can also be feinted.

If you want to learn more about Ubisoft's plans for For Honor, you can find more information in the developer's

Ubisoft Ubisoft's April Fools' Day joke event in For Honor For Honor, the attack of the Rabbids

As for the Rabbids, you still have time to pick up your free battle pack, so good luck. And try to steer clear of Rabbids' weaponry arsenal, although you're likely to be doing that anyway. 

You can find Ubisoft's official announcement of the Rabbids event . What a name though.

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