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For Honor is getting more content, named Year of the Harbringer

Published: 10:40, 16 October 2018
For Honor: Marching Fire promo poster showing medieval warriors
For Honor: Marching Fire

Ubisoft have barely released For Honor's Marching Fire content pack, and they are already teasing the next, apparently titled Year of the Harbringer. The upcoming content pack could prove to be a single update or the next season's teaser.

Ubisoft have recently hosted a livestream that contained one of the highlights regarding For Honor - a possible update named Year of the Harbringer. They didn't specify whether this would be a single update or a teaser for the next season of post launch content in For Honor though, which could be quite possible now that the game has reached 15 million players milestone.

With games such as Fortnite or League of Legends dwarfing this number, one could wonder what the actual reason for celebration is. Well, it was not too long ago that For Honor reached a milestone. In fact, it was merely three months ago, in July 2018, marking a rampant growth of what was considered a dead game for a while.

Granted, there was week where players could pick up the Starter Edition for free, which could mean a massive influx of registered user in that period alone. Whatever the case, the five million new players in the span of three months prompted Ubisoft to insert a bit more content in For Honor.

According to Luc Duchaine and Eric popea, Ubisoft has no intentions of slowing down the support for the game any time soon. The team has been "serious since [they] launched it, even when people were betting against [them]", which is usually with Ubisoft releases. Duchaine continued by complimenting the team for doing "an amazing job putting this game back on track".

Ubisoft For Honor - Order & Havoc For Honor - Order & Havoc

Considering the quality of the updates in Ubisoft releases, Duchaine's words may have some merit, which is another reason for the player base of For Honor to rejoice, mere hours after they plunged into the new content brought by Marching Fire. That is, if they aren't playing with Starter Edition. Then they will just be greeted with another grind fest.

For Honor, action-fighting title developed by Ubisoft North

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For Honor

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