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For Honor has reached 10 million registered players milestone

Published: 17:14, 18 July 2018
Picture of two dummies about to fight each other in For Honor
For Honor - Order & Havoc

For Honor has crossed 10 million player milestone, making it one of the most successful games as a service titles for Ubisoft, after Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. It has also market a 2,5 million player gain since February 2018.

Starter Edition seems to have been a major success for Ubisoft's attempts at resuscitating For Honor, as the aforementioned player growth since February states. Technically, the Starter Edition came along mid March 2018 but it's quite clear what brought the new blood in.

This info came from the financial call that also revealed South Park: The Stick of Truth for Switch as well as more DLC for The Fractured But Whole and relayed the news about The Division 2 beta . The total of 10 million players worldwide is huge in its own right, but it also doesn't necessarily mean Ubisoft sold that many copies of the game.

For Honor Starter Edition was a to pick up from 12 to 18 June 2018, as a part of E3 promotion. It is not hard to guess that the event rained new players, and likely served to facilitate the 2,5 million new players milestone. Ubisoft didn't specify whether they count the players who just jump in for free weekends, as their accounts only go inactive if players don't purchase the game, they don't get deleted.

It is a good thing to see that Ubisoft are refusing to abandon their games even from the brink of collapse, as For Honor found itself deserted after players got bored of parry dancing, lack of new content, balance issues and overall feel of the game being stale.

Ubisoft Knights fighting each other in For Honor For Honor - Knights vs Knights

New content is also coming soon with the  update that is scheduled for 16 October 2018. It will add a new faction inspired by ancient China, a new 4v4 PvP mode and an "unlimited single player or 2-player co-op mode" which sounds a lot like a horde mode, akin to Resistance in The Division.

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