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For Honor first offense cheat ban

Published: 17:30, 24 February 2017
For Honor's combat requires tremendous skills in blocking

For Honor's anti cheat system is settling in

UbiSoft's program of choice for cheat prevention, EasyAntiCheat has already banned close to 400 players and an additional were 70 banned for offensive emblems, harassment and other misconduct. Players can be bared from playing the game on the first offence with the possibility to appeal a ban on UbiSoft's page.

Ubisoft Samurai hitting an NPC with the pommel of his katana. For Honor - Oh man, this grinding can pile up.

"All bans, whether temporary or permanent, are applied on an account level, not at the hardware level. We have also been delivering bans on first offense as we take our goals of creating a fair environment very seriously", a from UbiSoft explains. 

If Reddit is to be believed, the system works too well in certain cases where players feel the hammer without having played , while it doesn't work at all in others:

AltChar had some time with For Honor during the beta. Some of us came away , while others - so much.


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